Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Punch a Dub or put your lights out?

Volkswagen has renewed one of the most annoying TV commercials ever inflicted on us. The “punch a dub” idea is that every time you see a VW you should punch who ever is standing rear you.  Good luck with that!  I was the subject of this and while I was enjoying a dandy car show this summer in Kingston , Michigan I was  peacefully laid-out in my lawn chair chatting with my fellow car nuts when out of no where a sharp blow was delivered to my shoulder. I could not even see the attacker because it was a young girl and all of 6 years old. “I see one” she exclaimed with the mighty blow.   Apparently, a VW has slipped into the other wise custom car show and sure enough, she saw it and acted.  Who taught her this?  She was way too young to pay attention to any TV commercials other than Dora the Explorer. What are we doing to our children? It’s just not right. As the bruise and redness began to show on my exposed skin, I tracked this little aggressor down. She was a fast runner but I have longer legs.  Her name was Lydia. I made her confess that her grandmother put her up to it.
Therefore, if this is so popular I have a new game that is peaceful and even possibly more joyful to participate in. Here goes:
In the early 2000 model years General Motors truck division thought it would be a good idea to have the running lights always on in their new mid-size truck lines. Trouble is that they must have bought the cheapest light bulbs possible, perhaps from China.
Anyway, just start to notice how many of these GM trucks only have one “running light” working. It’s almost every one. Therefore, when you see a GM truck with one eye shut just kiss the person next to you. Just give them a little peck on the cheek.  I hope that it is someone you would like to kiss anyway. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Your chance to tell your crusing story

CAR NUTS your chance for fame. If you car nuts have a special project or just want to brag about your hot rod heres how to share it with the rest of us nuts. Send me a 100 word or less story with a photo. The photo must be about 4x5 inch jpeg only. Make that photo small or I cant download it.  I will include you and your ride in this blog.
Send your stories to

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